Letter from head of school

Dear Pingry Families,

Welcome to PingryAnywhere.org, your go-to source for the latest content on all things Pingry Anywhere, our innovative, best-in-class education model. We have been hard at work over the last several months to make sure that we can provide a healthy, safe return to our campuses, as well as ensure that we will deliver a dynamic, end-to-end educational experience for each and every student. This website will serve as your resource for information on our reopening, including the design and implementation of Pingry Anywhere, as well as our health and safety protocols. We will be updating this site with additional details, so I urge you to check back as questions arise, especially in our robust list of FAQs.

As an educational model, Pingry Anywhere really does function anywhere. While we hope to have everyone on campus, we also recognize that there may be times when you choose to participate remotely in Pingry Anywhere. That is perfectly okay; our technological preparations allow Pingry Anywhere to be fully inclusive, simultaneously delivering an inspired program of learning both remotely and in-person. As a family, you may choose on a daily basis whether you would like to have your child participate in Pingry Anywhere in-person or from home. In either scenario, students will take part in all aspects of the Pingry experience—academic excellence, community building, conference and flex periods, co-curriculars and extracurriculars, the School’s support resources, including its Counseling Department, as well as exceptionally strong student-teacher relationships, a hallmark of a Pingry education.

September 2020 at Pingry looked very different from September 2019. With you as critical partners in this transformation, we will create a new, stronger Pingry, and we will guide our students to develop resilience, creativity, and the agility to thrive in a variety of environments. We are ready for this challenge, and we are excited to share the journey with you.

We will deliver Pingry, anywhere. We will be together, everywhere.

Best regards,

Matt Levinson Head of School