Participation Expectation

The success of Pingry Anywhere relies on the cooperation of all members of the Pingry community.

Pingry Anywhere Community Pledge

At Pingry, honor, character, and service to others aren’t just catchphrases—they’re our culture. As we face the challenges presented by COVID-19, we must keep in mind our responsibility to the community and our reliance on one another to provide a safe learning atmosphere for our students. We’ll need to work together to mitigate the risk of virus transmission on campus and to practice safe behaviors off campus.

We ask all community members to:

  1. Conduct daily symptom checks and be aware of the health of family members and those who you come in close contact with.

  2. Accurately indicate your health status on our “Pre-Arrival Health Screening Form” each day, and do not come to school if you or someone in your household is symptomatic.

  3. Learn Pingry’s risk mitigation procedures and follow them closely. 

  4. Be diligent in developing and practicing our new behavioral norms, such as thoroughly washing your hands, wearing a face mask, and keeping a safe distance. 

  5. Stay up-to-date on COVID-related news and information.

  6. Cooperate with local, state, and federal agencies in contact tracing efforts.

  7. Pro-actively maintain the appropriate technology in each student’s workspace.

Reach out to the appropriate school contact if you have any questions or need clarification on procedures.

Camera Policy

Cameras will be expected to be on for all students joining remotely and to remain on for the duration of the synchronous class. If a student and/or family would like to request an accommodation, they must jointly reach out to their Division Director and/or Gil Olvera, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, who will connect them to the appropriate support services (e.g., learning specialist, nurse, counselor). If an accommodation is granted, the Dean of Students will share this accommodation with the appropriate faculty member. Note that faculty will not be recording any component of student participation and/or discussion. The only component of a classroom session that may be captured is an image of the faculty member only for purposes of sharing the recording later in asynchronous learning material.

Dress Code

With comfort in mind, Pingry’s Dress Code will be relaxed until further notice. In summary, this means that you will be able to wear shorts and t-shirts to school! However, students should continue to dress with thoughtfulness about the work in which they will engage while in school, and t-shirt slogans or other clothing that depicts hate speech, threatening language, sexual acts, and/or controlled substances remain unpermitted. Students will not have access to locker rooms to change for athletics, and they are encouraged to wear their athletic clothing to school. Examples of newly permitted clothing items include t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, jeans, sweatpants, leggings, and pajama pants.