Dashboard & Operations


Campus operational statuses and Pingry-specific metrics can be found at dashboard.pingryanywhere.org. The testing tile (labeled “Pingry’s Return-to-School COVID-19 Testing”) on the dashboard is updated as soon as we receive test results from the lab, and all other tiles are updated daily at 8:00 a.m. EST. Additional information regarding the dashboard and its metrics can be found in our Pingry Anywhere COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard Guide.

We also ask that community members self-report any quarantines or isolations (whether from positive testing or known exposure and symptoms) to ContactTracing@pingry.org to help us protect the health and safety of our community. For questions regarding contact tracing, please visit our COVID-19 Contact Tracing page.


We are closely monitoring both internal and external metrics to make operational changes as needed. In consultation with an outside consulting physician and the New Jersey Department of Health, School administrators are working with Pingry’s nurses as well as its Testing Team and Contact Tracing Team to understand the community’s current environment and implications had on operational decisions.

If there is a case—or cases—within our community, the School’s Contact Tracing Team, in partnership with local health departments, will investigate exposure, notify identified individuals of the need to isolate and/or quarantine, and seek to uncover any epidemiological links between cases, should they exist. The implications of positive cases found on campus are highly nuanced, and depend on whether the cases are found in a single or multiple divisions of the school, if they are somehow related, and how long a confirmed case(s) is in close contact with others.

For this reason, we continue to thoughtfully evaluate the safety of individuals, cohorts, divisions, and campuses as well as the School’s ability to continue delivering an exceptional educational experience when making operational decisions. Given the case-by-case nature, the dashboard’s isolation and quarantine percentages best represent the impact case(s) have on the community. The seven-day rolling average to help us map our campus-level data against county- and state-level data. Pingry continues to operate in compliance with government mandates and regulations.

Pingry will have three levels of campus operations. If the school is required to shift to a new operating status, additional details will be shared in a timely manner to ensure a seamless transition.

LEVEL 1 – GREEN: Campus is Open

Campus is open to faculty, staff and students and is prepared to accommodate full capacity. All faculty, staff and students must comply with health and safety protocols (e.g., pre-screening symptom reporting, temperature checks, face coverings, social distancing) while on campus.

LEVEL 2 – YELLOW: Campus is at Reduced Density

Campus is operating at reduced density using a student cohorting model. Students will be assigned to cohorts and assigned specific on-campus days. All faculty, staff and students must continue to comply with health and safety protocols while on campus. Consistent with the Pingry Anywhere model, students may continue to choose to participate fully remotely if desired. Operations of co-curriculars, athletics, and other before or after school activities on campus will be communicated accordingly.

Sample reduced density scenario

  • Students are assigned into Cohort A and Cohort B, each representing 50 percent of the student population for that campus.

  • Students in Cohort A are permitted to participate from campus on Monday and Tuesday. 

  • On Wednesday, all students participate remotely while campus spaces undergo thorough cleaning and sanitization. 

  • Students in Cohort B are permitted to participate from campus on Thursday and Friday.

LEVEL 3 – RED: School is Fully Remote

School is conducted fully online with all students joining remotely. Check your home WiFi / internet connection using the Pingry Anywhere Home Internet Guide and designate a place with your child for them to learn and study at home.


Please understand that the health and safety of our community continues to be a School priority, as is the seamless continuation of your child’s educational experience at Pingry. As is customary practice, and in the interest of maintaining the privacy of our community members regarding their health or otherwise, we will not disclose specifics regarding isolations or quarantines. Additionally, no visitors are permitted on campus until further notice.