Letter from the Middle School and Upper School Directors

Dear Basking Ridge Families,

The roll-out of Pingry Anywhere is new and exciting, and, during these unpredictable times, makes a Pingry education more accessible and flexible, based on the needs of individual families. Rest assured, however, that Pingry Anywhere is still very much Pingry. And it embodies the dynamic, cutting-edge approach to learning and growth that you have rightly come to expect.

Below, a few key takeaways:

Guiding principles

Connection and Community are at the core of Pingry Anywhere, and ensure that students are seen and cared for, while they care and look out for one other. Attentive relationships with students and a commitment to Guiding the Whole Student allow us to nurture their social and emotional wellness while they continue to explore and develop their autonomy. Active Learning Experiences underpin it all, requiring students to stretch and employ critical thinking as they engage in Pingry’s customary high level of academic excellence.


Pingry Anywhere will continue to deliver academic challenge in multiple venues and across varied formats. As always, learning will be experiential and interdisciplinary, as students investigate the importance of process, problem-solving, and collaboration; and the art of inquiry and explaining their thinking as they work their way through our challenging STEM curricula. Paired with an innovative arts program that exposes students to the lessons of creative expression, in addition to easy access to teachers during Conference Period, the academic program integral to Pingry Anywhere allows students to explore their interests, ask questions and, most of all, nourish their curiosity.


Pingry Anywhere also offers rich experiences beyond academics. Thanks to ongoing interaction with their advisors, students will make connections, participate in thoughtful discussions, and learn perspectives different from their own. Clubs, the Peer Leadership program, student-run activities and organizations, Student Government, Affinity Groups, and the Honor Board will continue to offer opportunities for leadership, and for students to engage with one another. Additionally, no matter what role interscholastic athletics is able to play, students will experience the importance of a physically active lifestyle, will engage in meaningful and fun competition, and will benefit from the leadership and character lessons that lie at the heart of collaborative, supportive learning.

Wherever they may be—at home or on the Basking Ridge Campus—we look forward to welcoming your child(ren) to the start of the 2020-21 school year!

Ms. Laurie Piette
Middle School Director

Ms. Ananya Chatterji P ’25
Upper School Director